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Our mission is to supply medicines to the Zimbabwean market and all wholesalers

Lanset Pharmaceuticals was formed in 2019 as a joint venture between Henderson Healthcare Pvt Ltd (Zimbabwe) and Dolor Medical Supplies Ltd (UK) with the aim of working closely with our government partners in delivering a bespoke pharmaceutical solution to MCAZ (Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe).


At present, we are the only pharmaceutical company which is wholly owned and managed by a local Zimbabwean team with ESG (Economic, Social and Governance) principles and commercial values.


Lanset Pharmaceuticals would supply safely sourced medicines to the local Zimbabwean market with a longer-term plan of supplying the SADC region. Our vision is to return manufacturing of generic medications to Zimbabwe similar to its previous position.


Investing in Zimbabwe

The pharmaceutical market in Zimbabwe is still developing, with a growing demand for medicines due to an increasing population and an evolving healthcare sector.

The government has put in place policies to regulate the industry, increase access to healthcare, and attract foreign investment.

Through reforms and investments in the healthcare sector, significant work is still needed to achieve sustainable and effective healthcare in Zimbabwe.

Our Key Partners

Our Team

Glyn Parkin

Chairman Of The Board

Dr Norman Kufakwaro

Chief Operating Officer

Ms Georgina Schoeb

Chief Financial Officer

Chenesai Matsa

Commercial Officer

Celestino Kuchena

Principal Pharmacist

Edson Muchemwa

Supply Chain Officer

Rugare Nyungu

Warehouse Manager

Chiminya & Associates

Legal & Compliance

Will Beattie

Technology, Innovation & Digital Media Officer
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